Hello, I'm Sofia


Hello, I'm Sofia.


I'm a user experience designer based in são Paulo, Brazil

I am passionate about Design and believe it has the power to transform people's lives and help make the world a bit better.

I also love to learn and to see things from different points of view.

My favorite “Designer Super-Powers” are empathy and knowledge-sharing. I try to work on those daily.

a peek into my story

I graduated in Advertising (2013 - 2016) at the University of São Paulo (USP), and was an interaction design intern at FJORD São Paulo during the two final years of uni. 

After that I spent some time (~ 1 year) in Tel Aviv, Israel – mostly working as a designer and content creator at a startup and having amazing experiences. 

Back to São Paulo, I've worked as a UX & UI Designer at Livetouch, and then went to Vorttex to do more UX Design work. I've taken part in projects for various clients, such as XP investments, which allowed me to work on each step of the process of creating and validating digital solutions. 

I'm currently working at Figtree & Co. in São Paulo as a UX Designer to help create amazing experiences, like Bradesco's A.I. assistant BIA.

I've recently completed a UX Design course at Digital House São Paulo, coordinated by the amazing Amyris Fernandez.


Some more about me

I am a feminist and humanist, and a lover of music, art and science — especially astronomy (yes, I do own a NASA T-shirt).

I have a taste for newsletters and I'm always in search for interesting readings (fiction or not).

Currently trying to improve my poor plant-care skills. Every now and then I might show up with a new tattoo.

If you liked anything you read or saw, hit me up at sofrosta@gmail.com.

You can also add me on Linkedin, follow (or stalk?) me on insta and check out my playlists on Spotify.